2024 Green Tea Special Tasting 05/04 at 1 pm

2024 Green Tea Special Tasting 05/04 at 1 pm

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2024 Green Tea Tasting
$65 per person
Only 9 seats available in total

Lion Peak Long Jing - Dragon Well

Wild grown Liu An Gua Pian premium grade

Wild harvest Yue Xi Cui Lan

Wild Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea

Huang Jin Ya - Golden sprouts

Da Fo Long Jing 1st pick Qunti Crop

Long Jing black tea from trees once picked by chairman Mao, only 5 grams available all together.

Date and Time:
Saturday 05/04 from 1-3 pm

410 W Main Street, Suite 28-E
Alhambra, CA 91801
(Address for GPS only, do not use for postal address)
Free garage parking on 4th street
Enter through a black door to the left side of the elevator
Suite 28-E is on the left hand side of the planter bed