Pure Silver Tea Water Kettle - Dragon and Phoenix 1300 ml

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Pure silver 99.99% hand stamped  dragon and phoenix design silver kettle.   

622 grams pure silver, 1300 ml in volume, single hole spout.

It takes over 720,000 hammerings to complete a kettle

This pot speaks for itself in magnificence.

Stylish tea ware is the ultimate experience with the benefits of silver.

Silver being one of the most stable metal, it is ideal for tea making and food serving.  For centuries or even millenniums, the royals and nobles have used silver wares for sanitary purpose and flavor enhancement.   Silver teapot, water kettles have the ability to make both tea and water more energetic, vibrant, lively compared to any other earth ware or metal wares.  It guaranteed to make your tea experience up a few notches.