Puerh Fantasy 2024

Puerh Fantasy 2024

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Ancient tree and pure non-blend Puerh tea production has been a trend as tea drinkers taste elevated with experience. The effort to acquire ancient tea trees in Yunnan by Puerh hunters enabled us to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

This sample pack is created for tea lovers who want the best puerh teas nature has to offer. It's a chance of life time to have this many ancient trees 1st and the best pickings of the year from the best locations of Yunnan province. Very grateful to my puerh cartel lady who made this possible!

2024 is the year we got even better teas year after year, focus on the tallest oldest rarest and biggest tea trees in small famous regions, 1st category is currently the highest level of Puerh quality. Very FEW in this world, very small production approximately 2-3 lbs each tree, and only available in very few hands!

10 g each of the following loose leaf teas (13 items), total 130 gram

* Bing Dao Lao Zai 800+ years old tree 

* Duo Yi Shu 1st category tall trunk wild tree

* Lao Ban Zhang King (use small amount, 1.5-2 g)

* Lao Ban Zhang 800+ years old tree

* Kun Lu Shan king of small leaf varietal

Yi Wu tall trunk - gold medalist winner

* Man Song Prince Hill 1st category tall trunk (use very small amount, 1.5 - 2 g)

* Man Song Prince Hill 500+ years old tribute tea

Yi Bang Cat Ear small leaf varietal ancient tree

Jing Mai 600+ years old tree

Lao Man Er 800+ years old tree

Gua Feng Zhai King 800+ years old tree 

Xi Gui 800+ years old tree

* Rarest and best in puerh world