After many years of roaming the tea mountains in China, meeting only the best tea makers in the country, we have established stable connections across the plain of Chinese tea regions from the west to the east. 

We offer service to tea houses, fine restaurants, hotels, offices, grocery stores and other establishments in search of quality Chinese teas of all types and all grades.  Tea Habitat is well known for finding exquisite exclusive limited productions, the finest of its type.  If you are looking for a tea buyer to guarantee the authenticity and quality of high end teas, Tea Habitat can be at your service. 

On top of Dan Con (phoenix) oolong teas, we can help you find green teas from Long Jing, Bi Luo Chun, to many other fine green teas, black teas from Fu Jian, to Jiang Xi, to Zhe Jiang, Guang Dong, Si Chuan to Yunnan.  We also have extensive access to Pu-erh markets of Guang Zhou, aging warehouses of Dong Guan and farmer's private single type single tree ancient pu-erh tree teas in Yunnan.  Yan Cha of Fu Jian, old single tree teas.  We can help you find the right product to meet your price and business demand.  If exclusive is your game, we have the exclusive access to exclusive productions to serve your needs. 

We do not stock any of the whole sale items, all whole sale deals are advance order only.  Large quantity by tons or small batches of various weights are available upon request.  We also provide consulting service for staff training, tea station establishment or modification, product and customer service planning, inventory design.

Contact Imen for details.  626-202-8777, email tea@teahabitat.com