Chao Zhou Clay Stove Set  - Stove and Sha Diao (Kettle)

Chao Zhou Clay Stove Set - Stove and Sha Diao (Kettle)

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We have these made by order back in June, they finally arrived! 

Stove is large with a bigger air chamber, hence boils faster then the small units.  Stove is 10.5 inches tall, 6 inches in diameter, weights approximately 5 lbs.

Sha Diao (kettle) is also larger in volume, 500 ml (old kettle was only 300 ml), weights 1 lbs. 

It's great for out doors and indoor with good air ventilation. 

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Price is including free shipping to 48 states. 

Chao Zhou Stove Set is made of local red clay which has water filtering and mineral replenishing ability.  Local spring water is the best to enhance flavor of tea grown locally in the region.  This is the fundamental science behind Chao Zhou Stove Set as one of the essentials of Chao Zhou Kung Fu Tea.  Since we can't bring the spring water to you from Chao Zhou, we bring the Chao Zhou clay ware to your habitat.  Sha Diao is the clay pot to contain water, every part of it has specific function hence made in specific way.  Size of pot is designed to be small that it contains enough water for 2 brews.  Reasons being: 1) water quantity is small enough to bring to full boil in short time using the small portable stove, 2) water is constantly refilled so to ensure none of the water is being boiled over and over again which can lose its vitality.  The Chinese believe fresh spring water is alive, over boiled and stagnant water are dead in terms of energy.  Water is mother of tea, which speaks the importance of water quality when it comes to making a good cup of tea.   Flaming charcoal also provide vital energy to water it boils vs. electric heating devices.  This stove set not only adds a romantic element to making tea, but scientifically enhances flavor and quality of water intended for tea, hence enhances teas we drink, hence enhances our experience of tea drinking.  If you want to reach the tip top of tea making, this is a set of must have equipment. 

Recommend to use any fire starter and hard wood charcoal from the BBQ/fire wood section of hardware or grocery stores.