2021 Wild Long Jing - Dragon Well  West Lake Lion Peak (2 oz)

2021 Wild Long Jing - Dragon Well West Lake Lion Peak (2 oz)

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Long Jing - Dragon Well green tea, a Zhe Jiang province specialty tea.  It has been a tribute tea for centuries catering to the discriminative royal palates.   Zhe Jiang area produces good tea and great scholars throughout Chinese history.  The old saying of the soil and water of that land nourish the people of that land.  The energy of this land is magical because a very large percentage of famous scholars were born here.  

This particular batch is the wild picking in the mountain of the West Lake Shi Feng - Lion Peak area, Spring 2021.  A strong masculine green tea, mineral, deep, lasting a good 7+ brews.  

Wild tea trees are untempered by the human and without city pollution. The taste is pure, crisp and refreshing, unlike tea garden teas.  The energy, Qi in Chinese term is very present and soothing. 

We keep all of our green teas at a cool temperature to preserve the freshness for years. 

Recommended water for tea: very good quality filtered water, ie reverse osmosis filtered water.  Spring water suppresses the fragrance quite a bit.   Tap water is prohibited!