2023 Wild Huang Shan Ye Cha Green Tea (2 oz)

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A great find in the wild of the Yellow mountain in Jin Sha, An Hui province, harvested in early Spring.  Tender young green leaves that taste like a wild forest during spring blooming season, dense and rich texture is a sign of rich in soluble essences, the sweet nectary after taste lingers and continue to open up.  A very good crop for the year.  We don't have a big holding of this batch, the maker is already sold out for the year.  Don't miss this tea!  

Wild tea trees are untempered by the human and without city pollution. The taste is pure, crisp and refreshing, unlike tea garden teas.  The energy, Qi in Chinese term is very present and soothing. 

A great green tea requires hot temperature water.

Use 3 g for a normal coffee mug size cup, off boil water approximately 209 F.  Best result with Kungfu style brewing with either a teapot or gaiwan.   

Recommended water for all teas: very good quality filtered water, ie reverse osmosis filtered water.  Spring water suppresses the fragrance quite a bit.   Tap water is prohibited!