Yi Xing Teapot Workshop Saturday 11/11/23 1-3 pm

Yi Xing Teapot Workshop Saturday 11/11/23 1-3 pm

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Yi Xing Teapot Workshop

We will discuss topics related to Yi Xing clay teapots, history, types of clay, effects on tea, artistry of Yi Xing Teapot, what to look for when purchase a Yi Xing Teapot. 

Tea tasting using various types of clay teapots: Duan Ni, Zi Ni, Zhu Ni, Jiang Po Ni.  

$75 per person

Date and Time:
1 pm - 3 pm
Workshop will begin at 1 pm promptly.   Advance ticket purchase is required through the website, fee is not refundable for cancellation within 48 hours of the event date.

410 W Main Street, Suite 28-E
Alhambra, CA 91801
(Address for GPS only, do not use for postal address)
Free garage parking on 4th street
Enter through a black door to the left side of the elevator
Suite 28-E is on the left hand side of the planter bed